JENRES: cleans up your code daily, so you don’t have to.

Reduce your technical debt with JENRES leveraging on the cutting edge capabilities of GPT-4.

Elevate the quality of your code with JENRES now.

Core Advantages

  • Tackle your technical debt, turning hours into minutes.
  • Elevate your code quality beyond industry standards.
  • Minimize manual workload and the time required to.
  • Automate the review process, so you can focus on what truly matters.



Harness the power of AI in your software development with JENRES. By automating code review, issue resolution, housekeeping, unit & integration tests, JENRES improves your efficiency by reducing the time you have to spend on “cleaning up” your code.
JENRES isn't just a tool; it's your partner in dealing with technical debt.

Housekeeping feature


Features To Look Forward To:

AI-driven responses to reduce technical debt

Proactive housekeeping: Review, Don't Do

Automated, precise unit test generation.

Seamless integration with SonarQube for unmatched code quality.
Let JENRES clean up your code, now.
Your journey to time-efficient, better quality software development starts here.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is JENRES?

JENRES is an AI-powered tool created to support developers by automating boring housekeeping tasks in the coding process. Leveraging the power of generative technologies, JENRES interacts with GitHub repositories and automatically addresses coding issues. JENRES can be instructed to handle issues and housekeeping duties on behalf of an operator. The Issue Handling feature manages GitHub issues assigned to the @jenres bot, while the housekeeping feature allows for the scheduled execution of tasks. JENRES can manage a plethora of tasks, addressing various coding practices, from document generation and unit tests to project setup.

Who's JENRES for?

JENRES supports developers by handling time-consuming and repetitive coding tasks, which can slow down code development and improvement.   

From a developer's perspective, JENRES:  

  • helps improve the coverage, velocity, and quality of the code;  

  • frees developers from some coding duties, enhancing their focus on creativity and problem-solving.   

From a manager's perspective, JENRES:  

  • Works to value your developers' time and skills.  

  • Helps mitigate risks and achieve faster project outcomes.  

What can JENRES do?  

Main features of JENRES include:  

  • Comments, javadocs and docstrings generation;  

  • Unit test writing;  

  • SonarCloud issue resolution; 

  • Linting issue resolution;   

  • Issue Handling on GitHub;   

  • Housekeeping: scheduled runs for recurring code tasks;   

  • Possibility to run tests and check for code errors.   

Can I install JENRES  locally, or do I have to? 
JENRES is installed in your GitHub repository and gets access to the code available in the main branch. You do not have to install it locally. Check out the installation and configuration manual for further information on how to get started with JENRES.  

About us

JENRES is designed and developed by RES, the first italian data-centric company.

RES' mission is helping enterprise customers safely innovate with secure and cutting edge software solutions, since 1987